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What We Do

The strength of an Acupuncturist or an Herbalist is that we are treating the whole person, not just the 'symptoms' or the 'disease'. Everything is connected. We carefully differentiate the variations of symptoms and the constitution of each individual, to then find the underlying pattern of disharmony.

We can treat any symptom, but our focus is always to get the root of the problem. The goal is a complete and long-term elimination of all current symptoms and susceptibilities. Our focus is to work with the body, not against it. To revive and enhance the body’s healing potential, rather than simply suppressing signs and symptoms. From this perspective it is easy to see that we can treat almost any condition.

Our treatments use traditional Chinese herbal remedies customized to your specific symptoms and conditions.


Step 1
Pay for the initial consultation.


Step 2
Fill out the diagnostic survey form so we can create a treatment customized just for you.
All illnesses are curable if we find the way - Nei Jing