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About Us

Dr. Xiaochuan Pan, Dr.TCM Registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. Xiaochuan PanDr. Xiaochuan Pan graduated from Heilongjiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1978 and entered DaLian Medical College in 1983 for a master’s degree in modern medicine. Then Dr. Pan worked in DaLian Hospital of Integrative Medicines and set up an institute of integrative medicines funded by the Ministry of TCM in China. In 1986, he was given the senior professional title with exception due to achievements in his research to combine Chinese and Western medicine. Dr. Pan has been practicing and teaching TCM in Victoria since 1999. He is very experienced in helping with hypertension, diabetes, cancer, insomnia, skin disorders and other difficult-to-treat health conditions. Dr. Pan explores classical Chinese medicine through Yi Jing and astronomy. Now he promotes classical Chinese medicine by giving lectures based on his book “Classical Chinese Medicine Made Visible”.

Yan Li, Dr.TCM (China)Registered Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner in BC

Dr. Yan LiYan Li received her MD degree at DaLian Medical University. After graduating she worked for 7 years at the DaLian Hospital of Integrative Medicine, where she specialized in Internal Medicine and Dermatology, analyzing the interactions between modern pharmaceutical drugs and traditional Chinese herbal formulas. She has been practicing and teaching traditional Chinese medicine in Victoria since 1999. She has experience helping a great number of people who suffer from skin diseases. She can also help patients recover from common North American conditions such as diabetes, digestive problems, stress, and women’s health issues.