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How top doctors do acupuncture in ancient times? - Category: Chinese Medicine

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In ancient Chinese philosophy, human was considered the son of the heaven and the earth. In Inner Cannon, “Human was borne on the earth, his life connected to the heaven, the ‘Qi’ created by the heaven and the earth is called human”. In this sense, human being comes from the Qi from the universe, so human-being himself is “Qi”. For Chinese medicine, human is considered “Qi” person first, then the body with bone and flesh. If “Qi” does not circulate smoothly, it will cause illness. For the treatment, to regulate “Qi”, of course, is the main purpose.

How to understand the signals from body - Category: Chinese Medicine

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“Best doctors treat diseases that have not happened; good doctors treat diseases that just happened; bad doctors treat diseases that became serious.” This is from “Inner Canon”, a book written around two thousand years ago. Also in this book, there were discussions on theories and method to predict the possible time and symptoms that will happen to a person according to the birth date and the weather at the time.

Without knowing Yi Jing, nobody can be a great Chinese Medicine Doctor - Category: Chinese Medicine

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What were the requirements in Inner Cannon for Chinese medicine doctors? “To be a doctor, one must know the heaven above, the earth below and the human in the middle”. The reason is that Chinese medicine is the application of laws of the universe to human body. The ancient people know those laws by observing the sky, earth, and comparing human being to all other things in the world. How a person could know so much about the heaven and the earth? It has to be through learning Yi Jing. “Yi Jing covers everything, the laws about the heaven, the earth and the human. Three divided into six becomes hexagram which is three Dao of the heaven, earth and the human”.

Is hypertension curable? - Category: Chinese Medicine

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What kind of illness is hypertension? Why that happens? There is no satisfied answer ever. Most of the hypertension is named “primary” and no further explanation. What does “primary” mean? Actually, it means “we don’t know the cause.”