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How to understand the signals from body

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"Best doctors treat diseases that have not happened; good doctors treat diseases that just happened; bad doctors treat diseases that became serious." This is from "Inner Canon", a book written around two thousand years ago. Also in this book, there were discussions on theories and method to predict the possible time and symptoms that will happen to a person according to the birth date and the weather at the time.

This theory is called "Yun Qi", literally means "Circulating of Qi over the heaven" which is considered to crown of Chinese Medicine. Nowadays, not many Chinese doctors use this theory for preventing diseases because of its complex city. Of course is impossible for people without education in Chinese medicine to use it for health prediction. Is there any other simple way to tell the health condition? Yes, the body sends signals when it doesn't feel happy. If you understand the signals, you can fix the problems before it's too late.

Here are 3 symptoms which are easily ignored:

Cold feet: due to Yang deficiency, which means "there is not enough heat in your house". It could not circulate in the body and fails to warm the lower extremity. This symptom may also lead to pain on the knees and low back, frequent urination, etc.

Insomnia: due to Yin and Yang are out of balance. Hot flush, ringing in the ear and worry may happen together.

Irregular bowel movement: loose stool or constipation, bloating sensation. Fatigue, aching muscles, craving for sweet and gaining weight may happen.

If you have any symptom from the above, you can try to fix them by changing life style. If there is no improvement, then I suggest you see a doctor of Chinese medicine.