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How top doctors do acupuncture in ancient times?

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In ancient Chinese philosophy, human was considered the son of the heaven and the earth. In Inner Cannon, "Human was borne on the earth, his life connected to the heaven, the 'Qi' created by the heaven and the earth is called human". In this sense, human being comes from the Qi from the universe, so human-being himself is "Qi". For Chinese medicine, human is considered "Qi" person first, then the body with bone and flesh. If "Qi" does not circulate smoothly, it will cause illness. For the treatment, to regulate "Qi", of course, is the main purpose.

There is a book, the Bible of acupuncture, is called" Ling Shu". In which it stated: "Doctors who are not skillful enough focus on the body while good doctors focus on the Qi". How?

  1. Feeling the pulse. "Before needling, doctors have to feel the pulse first. Then do the treatment according to the Qi's condition." That is to say, pulse is the widow of the Qi. Acupoints are chosen according to the pulse.
  2. Choosing acupoints. "Doctors who are good at acupuncture, should treat Yin from Yang, treat Yang from Yin, to treat the left by needling the right and to treat the right by needling the left. To know the other side from this side, from the surface to the internal organs. To see the hyper or hypo activity, to know the development of an illness, and then never fail in treatment". So, it is said, do not treat the head when there is pain on the head; treat the foot when there is pain on the foot. Treatment should be based on the Qi's movement.
  3. Qi feeling. "The importance of needling is to gain Qi feeling to get the result." So called Qi feeling, is the feeling of sore, numb, distention and pain of the patients. If there were no such feelings, then wait, and push "Qi" to come. When "Qi" comes, doctors have to tell it is bad "Qi" or good "Qi". "Bad 'Qi' feels tight and rapid, good 'Qi' feels smooth and slow".
  4. Tonification or discharge. To make good "Qi" stronger by tonification and to release bad "Qi" by discharge. "All about the acupuncture is to meet and follow the "Qi" and harmonize it."
  5. Effect. "To say an illness is too long to be treated is not true. Doctor good at acupuncture to treat the illness just like to remove a sting, to clean a dirty spot, to loose a knot, to open a blockage. Even the illness is long, still it could be cured. If you say an illness is not curable, just because you did not find the way. In other word, all are curable if you find the way. In addition, the result comes as quick as the sound from a beaten drum.

The first patient was treated by this classical acupuncture was a male in his 40's. He had pain on the low back and shoulder with limited movement. According to the pulse, only one point was selected on his hand. Patient felt a hand massage on his low back during the needling. 5 minutes later, out of the needles. The pain was gone and the arm moved freely.

Oh, Ancient people told me the truth in the classics! Just give it a thought: there was no paper and pen when they record their knowledge in ancient times. They have to carve all the characters on a piece of bamboo. How come they had time and energy to spend on nonsense?