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Is hypertension curable?

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What kind of illness is hypertension? Why that happens? There is no satisfied answer ever. Most of the hypertension is named "primary" and no further explanation. What does "primary" mean? Actually, it means "we don't know the cause."

The commonly seen cause for hypertension is poor circulation. Certain organs like brain or kidneys may not have enough supply of blood. Then that organ will send message to the brain that it needs blood because there was not enough nutrition, more blood please. Then the brain will instruct the heart to work harder to raise the blood pressure.

If the heart works at high pressure, then the heart will be enlarged, if there is too much work for it, the heart will stop working properly, that is the heart failure. Now we can see, the regular treatment force the blood pressure down by dilating blood vessels and reduce the blood volume by diuretics, it is good for the heart, but the organs that lack of blood, will be weaker and weaker, once there is someday the blood supply is better, but that is too much for the weak blood vessels of the organs, then leads bleeding. If it happens to the brain, that is the stroke.

In Chinese medicine, there is no such a word as hypertension. So what is wrong to the people with hypertension? It all depends on the symptoms. For most of the patients, there are hot feeling upper part of the body and cold feeling lower part of the body, tinnitus, poor memory, headache and red face. In Chinese medicine, it is called "floating Yang due to Yang deficiency." "Yang is like the sun on the sky to human body. If it is not on the right spot, then it affects the human and shortens the life. The sky should be bright with the sun and Yang should go up and protect the body." This is to say that Yang inside the body is the sun on the sky. Yang goes up in day time and goes down in night time. As if there is a switch, on in day time and off in night time. If this switch does not work well, it does not turn on enough, and night time, it does not turn off. So in day time there is not enough energy, cold feeling for the lower limbs, in night time, there is too much heat causing hot flush over the head and bring blood go up the head and blood pressure go up. Yang is also the power for blood circulation, Yang deficiency leads slow circulation, heart function is also lower down. The treating principle of treating hypertension is to regulate Yang's movement, raise Yang when the sun goes up and lead it down when the sun goes down; it needs go to down on one condition, there is enough Yang. Weak Yang floats up, strong Yang circulate down. When the Yang's movement is normal, the blood pressure also will be normal. The best way to regulate blood pressure is to make Yang strong and go down. In Chinese medicine term, it is called "to subdue Yang."

Acupuncture treatment is to promote the circulation of blood and Qi, Qi is part of the self healing power which regulates the blood pressure. If Yang is strong, circulation of blood and Qi is normal, how is the hypertension possible? This is the clinical cure for hypertension. So called clinical cure is to maintain the regular blood pressure without using drugs and symptoms are better or gone. It is possible to keep the blood pressure normal with good life style only. This is not rare case in Chinese medicine practice.

Again, we have plenty of techniques, but we are lack of correct ideas.