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Without knowing Yi Jing, nobody can be a great Chinese Medicine Doctor

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What were the requirements in Inner Cannon for Chinese medicine doctors? "To be a doctor, one must know the heaven above, the earth below and the human in the middle". The reason is that Chinese medicine is the application of laws of the universe to human body. The ancient people know those laws by observing the sky, earth, and comparing human being to all other things in the world. How a person could know so much about the heaven and the earth? It has to be through learning Yi Jing. "Yi Jing covers everything, the laws about the heaven, the earth and the human. Three divided into six becomes hexagram which is three Dao of the heaven, earth and the human".

"Medicine, started from Emperor Fuxi, developed by Emperor Shennong and Huangdi, has been spreading through thousands of years and will last forever. It based on Dao and follows the nature". Around 6500 years ago, the first emperor in China draw the first line of Bagua, which is considered the start of the Chinese culture, also made nine kinds of needles. Before this, ancient Chinese had been using herbs and acupuncture close to 600,000 years. Later, Shennong tasted hundreds of herbs and created Mountain Yi Jing; Huangdi finished Inner Cannon, created Earth Yi Jing. This is the famous time of the three emperors. The 3 works of the 3 emperors, Fuxi Bagua, Shennong's Materia Medica, Huangdi's Inner Cannon became the foundation of Chinese medicine. Each of the 3 emperors finished one part of Yi Jing. Yi Jing became the philosophy of Chinese medicine. Zhang, Zhongjing, developed Shennong's work to the top by "Shang Han Lun" (Bible of formula), the study now is known as "classical formula school". Huangdi's work, continued by Bianque, who developed pulse diagnosis to the top; and Huatuo who developed acupuncture to the top, the study now is known as the "classical medicine school". In this period of time, Chinese medicine reached its top, known as classical Chinese medicine.

Classical Chinese Medicine is a special medical system based on ancient astrology, taking Yi Jing as the philosophy characterized by image and numerology thinking, treating illnesses by regulating Qi as the main purpose, using pulse as the important diagnosis and reached the top in Han and Tang dynasties. Classical Chinese medicine follows the greatest and simplest Dao and shows the quick and good results.

A famous doctor said 200 years ago: "Medicine was prosperous in early ancient time, went downward nowadays. Huangdi set the rules of meridians and herbs for treatment of diseases, the rules were followed by all the doctors under the heaven at that time… Since Tang dynasty, Chinese medicine was changed by so called modernization, the old rules were ignored, arguing with the ancient saints, schools attacking each other, mistakes causing confusion, till now, the old rules disappear, Chinese medicine went downwards."

For the past 50 years, due to political reasons, ancient philosophy was taken place by political philosophy. Materialism and dialectics took place of Yi Jing. Lead the thinking into black and white pattern. Materialism is right, Idealism is not right. In addition, the word science is the substitute of truth which is actually only a way to find the truth. Under the name of science, Chinese medicine was modified. The modernized Chinese medicine becomes the main stream causing chaos in the theory and the effects reduced. The real classical Chinese medicine is seldom known to the public. A statistic showed that in Han and Tang dynasty, 85% of doctors had the knowledge of Yi Jing. It went down to 25% in Qing dynasty. Now, if we do another research, the result will be very disappointing.

According to the requirements in Inner Cannon, how many doctors could consider themselves as great doctors?