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Pulse regulation system in “Ling Shu” (Divine Pilot) The brilliant model of systemic medicine - Tag: Education

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Recent archaeological discoveries have shown that the history of Chinese Medicine spans over 600,000 years. From 6000 to 10,000 years ago, the emergence of He Tu (River Gram), has demonstrated that Chinese Medicine had its own system. The Yellow Emperor developed Chinese Medicine based on experiences into a systemic discipline. The pulse regulation system in “Ling Shu” (Divine Pilot) is the brilliant centerpiece of this systemic medicine.

Disciplinary Orientation of Classical Chinese Medicine - Tag: Education

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Classical Chinese Medicine is a special medical system based on ancient cosmology. It uses Yi Jing as a philosophical foundation, and is characterized by imagery and numerological thinking. It treats illness primarily by regulating Qi and it uses pulse as an essential part of the diagnosis.