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Dr. Liyan treats a patient with acupunctureDr. Liyan treats a patient with acupuncture

I had a very bad skin condition two years ago. I had seen 3 specialists for my skin, one of who gave me the diagnosis of psoriasis. I tried naturopathy, but it didn’t work out. One of my friends suffered from cancer and he got good results from your herbal medicine, so he suggested I try out your herbs. Six months later, my skin is almost cleared up. I cannot thank you enough, I finally have my confidence back.

- Bruce Bollen

I have had eczema since I was very small. I tried everything to heal my hands, but nothing was successful. One day I walked into your clinic and ordered your herbal tea. At first I was skeptical since nothing changed with my eczema. However, after a few weeks, I did not feel itchy like I used to and my hands looked much better. My family and friends were very surprised about this and asked me what I did. I recommend anyone who has similar problems to try your herbal tea because it has worked for me.

- Kazuko Kishikawa

My foot was very infected and may have needed amputation, but Dr. Pan put me on very strong herbs which have almost healed my foot. I have diabetes and was on insulin daily, but the acupuncture treatments have improved my ? To 6.0 and Insulin down to once every five days.

- D.T.

My Daughter was diagnosed with endometriosis, and cysts on her ovaries. She was told by one of Victoria's best baby doctors that she would NEVER have a child. They wanted to put her on a menopausal med, and then in 2 years, they wanted to give her a full hysterectomy. She was only 20 years old. We went to see Dr. Pan, and now I have a beautiful 1 year old granddaughter. Thank you, Dr. Pan.

- J.G.

Before seeing Dr. Pan, I had pain in my elbow so severe I couldn't lift a coffee cup. After one treatment, the pain was gone! 4 years and no return of the pain. Thank you Dr. Pan and Staff.

- T. M.

Last visit approximately 4-6 weeks ago: great improvement following consultation, herbs and massage. Returned today for a re-assessment, change in herbs, massage and acupuncture treatment. I feel like they have given me my life back.

- L.M.

The vision in my left eye was very reduced as a result of floaters coagulating together. The combination of Medicine and Acupuncture has already restored my vision by about 80%.

- P.C.

The pain in my back and neck have eased greatly. I feel calmer, with less anxiety.

- F. L.

Energy and vitality have improved. Dr. Li Yan is very insightful.

- L. H.

I was suffering severe pain in my left leg, hip and lower back: the pain has reduced to a very tolerable level and I am confident a full cure will follow.

- P.C.

Decreased hearing in left ear, pressure and annoying noise have completely resolved after 2 treatments over a week period.

- D.Q.

Today I feel calmer, but from the start of treatment in Feb 2011, I feel so much more healthy; energy is so much greater.

- H.S.